Issue No. 1 / 2019

Welcome to the debut issue of Lumba! Inside this digital publication are stories from our network of advocates and volunteers. Exciting and inspiring stories as they go about pursuing marine conservation programs, educating and empowering communities.

The publication derives its name from the term lumba-lumba. It is a Visayan term in the Philippines aptly referring to Irrawaddy dolphins, one of the dolphin species native to Asia-Pacific. Lumba-lumba is is also widely used to refer to other dolphin species.

We aim to share with you stories from the Dolphin-Safe (DS) Monitoring Program as they do their task of monitoring fishing vessels and factories. We also like to share our analysis and position on various issues –from marine wildlife, marine mammal captivity, plastic pollution, and the situation of coastal habitats.

Feel free to drop us an email at for feedback or stories you would like to contribute. Happy reading!

Lumba aims to feature people and model communities, inspiring us with best practices in environmental protection, conservation, and advocacy work. By sharing these stories to the world, we aim to contribute in educating more people how they can change things for a better and healthier environment.

Lumba Issue 01.pdf