Our Advocacy

Earth Island Institute is an international environmental organization that promotes awareness, grassroots environmentalism and activism for the protection, conservation and restoration of nature.

Earth Island Institute was founded in San Francisco, USA in 1982 by well-known American environmentalist David Brower. Brower, together with other visionary and dedicated environmental activists created a nimble, streamlined organization to support the work of bold individuals with big ideas on how to restore, preserve and nurture the environment.

Earth Island grows environmental leadership through education and activism. Our projects, publications, and initiatives support the biological and cultural diversity that sustain the environment.


One of the first projects spearheaded by Earth Island is the International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP), dedicated to make the oceans safe for all marine mammals, as well as marine ecosystems on which they depend.

The IMMP leads the global effort to stop the slaughter of dolphins, end commercial whaling, end the use of driftnets and other destructive fishing practices and to protect key whale and dolphin habitats.


In 1986, the IMMP developed a campaign to press tuna companies to end the practice of intentionally chasing and netting dolphins with purse seine nets and to adopt “dolphin-safe” fishing practices to prevent the drowning of dolphins in tuna nets.

Evolving into one of the largest private food monitoring systems in the world, the IMMP deploys staff monitors all over the world to work with tuna companies, import associations, fishing fleets, canners and brokers to ensure that each company adopt dolphin-safe policies.


In the Philippines, Earth Island Institute implements the International Monitoring Program (IMP) which monitors the biggest tuna companies in the region, ensuring that fishing operations conform to the highest standards of sustainability. The EII-Phils likewise maintains an on-board monitoring program for all tuna fishing companies.


EII-Phils regularly undertakes campaigns aimed to educate the public about animal welfare and the environment. EII-Phils, together with other environmental and animal welfare organizations, lead campaigns against dolphin captivity to enlighten the public about the cruelty of keeping intelligent animals such as dolphins for human amusement.

EII-Phils partners with communities in the Philippines in promoting grassroots environmentalism. We are in solidarity with farmers, fisherfolk and indigenous peoples as they reclaim and restore the commons.

EII-Phils is also part and convenor of SAVE FREEDOM ISLAND MOVEMENT that aims to restore and protect Freedom Island Bird Sanctuary (Las Pinas-Paranaque Critical Habitat & Eco-tourism Area) against threats of relentless garbage disposal in Manila Bay and the impending reclamation project of the PRA that will destroy the area’s ecosystem.


Earth Island Institute-Philippines encourages everyone to take part in its advocacy and activities through:

  • Information drive against dolphin killings & captivity and campaigns for the protection and restoration of wildlife and the environment via social media and other forms;

  • Organizing film shows, educational fora or discussions in schools, churches, offices and communities;

  • Lobbying or writing letters to school administrations and establishments to discourage them from conducting field trips at the Ocean Adventure Park in Subic and other parks that profit from exploitation and cruelty to dolphins and wildlife;

  • Joining coastal clean-ups, tree-planting, outdoor exposures, petition campaigns and other forms of environmental activities in communities;

  • Integration with farmers, fisherfolks, indigenous peoples and other grassroots communities;

  • Recruitment of advocates;

  • Contributing / donating resources to sustain the advocacy campaigns.