Make everyday Earth Day!

April 13, 2018

Filipinos have a big responsibility to the planet and the world population. We are located in one of the centers of global biodiversity. Hence, the health of the Philippine environment affects the health of the entire Earth.

Our once abundant ecosystems shaped our history and culture. This richness was even exploited by colonial powers hundreds of years ago and soon by corporate greed up to this day. The environmental destruction is attributed mostly to plunder and development aggression. A few profit from it while the vast majority remain poor. This also aggravates natural disasters, intensifies degradation of natural resources, and displaces people’s communities, erasing even culture and heritage.

There is an urgent need to arrest environmental destruction, protect our remaining resources and rehabilitate our devastated lands. Our continued survival depends on how well we can conserve and protect the last remaining resources of this country in the coming years.

Today environmental advocates, artist groups, students, professional, and indigenous people’s communities, come together to stand for the welfare of the people, fight for our country’s patrimony, and contribute to a better health of the planet.

We call for an end to corporate plunder and development aggression that destroys our natural resources and displaces vast number of people. We say no to reclamation and the destruction it brings to coast and water resources.

We condemn the tyranny that also targets stewards of the environment – the Lumad, indigenous people’s communities, and environmental activists.

We say no to this government’s plan to change the 1987 Philippine Constitution bringing unwavering access to foreign multinational corporations in plundering our country’s natural resources.

Today, we come together to stand for people, patrimony, and the planet. We join to celebrate Earth Day with a pledge to make #EverydayEarthDay.

Statement by the Earth Island Institute Philippines