Cebu Ocean Park does not have a registered animal facility

April 11, 2019

In reply to a request by the Earth Island Institute Philippines, the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) issued a certification dated March 2019 stating the Cebu Ocean Park have not registered with the agency. (Read attached document)

Under the Amended Animal Welfare Act (RA 10631) companies must first secure a permit from the BAI before operating any animal facility. The BAI is the government agency in charge with assessing the operations of businesses or facilities with animals.

Cebu Ocean Park, which is located at the SM Seaside Complex at the South Road Properties (SRP), Mambaling, Cebu City, was in hot water early 2019 when publicity materials of the park featured an amphitheatre that will cater to shows featuring marine mammals. Publicity materials by Project Lupad also described the facility as capable of displaying marine mammals.

Concerned citizens all-over Cebu and across the country expressed opposition to plans of Cebu Ocean Park to have animal shows featuring marine mammals – dolphins, whales, and sea lions, in their facility. According to environmentalists, there are more than enough eco-tourism spots in Cebu for tourists to enjoy. There is no need to imprison dolphins to attract tourists.

Earth Island Institute along with Cebuanos Against Wildlife Captivity will continue to be vigilant in monitoring Cebu Ocean Park and ensuring that no captive marine mammal will ever find its way into this facility.

Statement by the Earth Island Institute Philippines