Breaking free from plastic saves dolphins

July 3, 2017

World-wide studies have shown the devastating effect of plastic pollution on marine wildlife populations. A 1997 study summarized by the Clean Water Action details how plastic pollution affects 267 species world-wide, 43% of which are marine mammal species, which include dolphins and whales.

Twenty years after this study, the situation is more dire as companies now produce an increasing amount of single-use plastic bags such as sachet packaging, while cities such as Metro Manila have not really implemented the Solid Waste Management Act.

Every year on July 3 –the International Plastic Bag Free Day, advocates highlight the call to do away with single-use plastic bags and adopt a culture from mindless consumerism towards a more conscientious culture of reusing, reducing, and recycling.

Earth Island Institute Philippines joins this worldwide call through a social media action using the hashtags #breakfreefromplastic and #savedolphins with our volunteers and fellow advocates, spreading the word that ordinary people can help rid the world of plastic pollution.

There are many ways the public can engage in plastic reduction. Simple things such as using eco-bags for shopping to having their own reusable lunch boxes for meals, or joining coastal clean-ups. The public can also engage in more pro-active actions such as information-dissemination about plastic pollution and the threat it brings, to lobbying for policies geared towards regulating the use of and production of un-reusable plastic. These are a few things that we can do and share to inspire others to act.

It never is too late. Join in and start today. Contribute to saving the oceans, the next generation and the entire planet!

Trixie Concepcion
Regional Director
Earth Island Institute Philippines

Statement by the Earth Island Institute Philippines